How do I Setup ODBC Connectivity?

Enviro Data supports placing the database files on a server, most commonly using Microsoft’s SQL Server or Oracle. Note that only server versions still under active manufacturer’s support can be supported by Geotech.

Note that If you will be connecting to a server database such as SQL Server or Oracle, you need to place your database on the server in the correct format and then create an ODBC system data source on your computer. An ODBC data source includes the network path to the data that the user wants to access, and the information needed to get that data. Multiple data sources can be entered into the Control table in Enviro Data and can be selected by users from the ATTACH DATABASE form in either the EDITOR or VIEWER.

The steps to create an ODBC connection in Enviro Data, can be found in the section Setting Up a New Enviro Data database on SQL in Appendix F of the current Enviro Data documentation which can be downloaded by clicking the Documentation button in either the EDITOR or the VIEWER.