Is there anything else I need to be aware of during or after installation?

You should be aware of the following potential issues during or immediately after installing Enviro Data.

You need Windows security permissions in order to install Enviro Data. If you receive an InstallShield error similar to the one below, this is likely a Windows issue. Check with your IT Department as they may have install the program for you.

Installshield error furing Enviro Data installation

On some computers, the GeoObjects install progress window may remain on the screen after the install is complete. If this occurs, after a minute or so click on Cancel, then Exit Setup to remove the window.

The desktop icons for the two programs (EDITOR, and VIEWER) may not display properly. If this happens, right click on the desktop and select Refresh (or click F5) to restore them. You may be asked to enter your Window's credentials when you do this.

The first time you open each program it may display a bar saying, "Some active content has been disabled." Click on the bar, select Enable Content, then Enable All Content and this message will go away. You only need to do this once for each program. In the EDITOR and the VIEWER, the bar might be partly obscured by the splash screen, but the procedure is the same.

If your Enviro Data license allow for concurrent use, shared by multiple users, you will need to set up the Concurrent Licensing database. See that FAQ for more information.

Also see the FAQ in this section on Do I need Read/Write privileges in the Enviro Data folder to use the program?

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