Enviro Spase

In order to assist you with an Enviro Spase issue we will need the following items.

  1. A zip file of the Enviro Spase log files located at C:\Enviro\Espase8\eSpase8_Log.
  2. A subset of your Enviro Data database in ZIP format This is created in the SELECT DATA form using the Select Data query that replicates the issue and Export  it to an “Enviro Data Access Database (subset)” in Access (MDB) format. If you are unfamiliar with creating a subset of your database instructions can be found here. Right click on the new subset file and choose Send to --> Compressed (zip) File.  
  3. An email sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the two above zip files attached. In the text please tell us what mapping coordinate system you are using.

We also suggest that you review the general help FAQs found here

Enviro Spase requires ArcGIS Version 10.0 or newer running on a Windows computer with a sufficient Processor/HD/Memory/Display and OS sufficient to run ArcGIS.