Other Services

Sometimes your requirements may not fit into any of the above categories. That's when you need to talk to someone who has enough experience and creativity to structure just the right combination of service and technology to meet your needs. If this is your situation, contact Geotech!

The Enviro software suite from Geotech Computer Systems brings powerful yet affordable environmental data management and display to your desktop. From planning your sample events to creating tables and maps, professional-grade tools help you save time and money, and improve quality, on your projects. Enviro Data stores and displays environmental quality data, such as field and laboratory data for water and soil. Data storage can be in Access, SQL Server, or Oracle. Enviro Spase builds on the strong interface between Enviro Data and ArcGIS, and runs within ArcGIS. It helps you display your environmental data on GIS maps.

A good example of our service capabilities is illustrated by a plume animation video. This animation shows movement of a plume of contamination from a point source, moving down a hillside over time. It was created using Enviro Data, a modeling program, and animation software.