Enviro Portal

Sometimes it’s helpful to distribute data to many users. This could be the public, or individuals within an organization. The new Enviro Portal tool does exactly this. You start by building a database for the project using Enviro Data. Then you set up a website for data selection and display, and arrange for appropriate security. Next provide the data from the database to the website using a datamart, which can be updated regularly from Enviro Data. Next you can provide the web address to specific users or the public so they can then select  data in their browser. After making a selection this new tool lets you or your clients view the data in a table, graph, map or even download it. The Portal can handle an unlimited number of visitors, at no cost per-user if desired. Because it is on the internet, it can be accessed by any device with a modern web browser PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone and, the database is still usable in Enviro Data on the desktop. . Get more out of your data!.

Click the map for a live demo of Enviro Portal

Enviro Portal Map and Station Data using Google Earth